Getting Ready for our Next Adventure Jupiter to New York

Here We Go Again!

Dear Friends, and Family,

Welcome to our new blog site!  Many of you received some or all of our four installments of the journal documenting our trip from Jupiter, FL to the Abaco Islands down to Eleuthera and back to the the States between February and May of 2017.  For those of you who missed them, until I get them uploaded to this site, you can still download them from

This is the first post here and I’m fumbling around with this new technology so it will take a while to perfect it and make it look as pleasing as I would eventually like.  Thanks to long time friend Art Cote who helped me get it this far!  I hope this will be a more pleasing format for our readers and easier for me to deal with as I will be able to quickly publish updates and not have to upload files to each of you which is becoming challenging while cruising.

We’ve been at the Bluffs Marina in Jupiter, FL since June 1, performing maintenance, replacing our batteries, adding a battery monitoring system, and updating our sanitation system to make it easier and more efficient to perform maintenance on our two marine heads and waste treatment system.  The batteries and plumbing upgrades are major upgrades.  The batteries should last between 5 and 7 years and the potties and sanitation system almost indefinitely with proper maintenance which I have learned how to do.  I installed the battery monitoring system. We also had a new coat of wax applied to Kokomo’s hull and had all the stainless steel detailed.  She looks great.  For those of you who know me fairly well, you might be surprised to know that I now own wrenches (and lots of other tools) as large as 1.25″.  These are LARGE wrenches and I actually use them as strange as that may seem to you – believe me – it’s strange to me too but I actually am enjoying this new challenge.

We also performed software updates to some of our tech systems and installed a new router and switch to increase our WIFI capabilities aboard, thanks to our new friend Bob Breum who we will be visiting very soon (more on this later).  And we bought a new grill!

We also provisioned for our next trip which begins on July 7th.  Our freezer is now filled with more than 80 lbs of protein (steaks, chops, chicken and fish, plus some fudgeicles, and wraps, and we have some frozen veggies still aboard from our last trip.  For dry goods, plenty of rice, pasta, quinoa, lentils, tuna, chicken stock, other soups both boxed and dried, boxed tomatoes, pasta sauce, EVO, crackers, and chips. And we are fully stocked with beer, wine and alcohol.  Tomorrow we stock the frig with fresh veggies, produce and dairy.  After all, one has to eat and drink even when living on a boat.

We’re heading to New York!  We had hoped to leave a month ago but life got in the way of our plans and schedules had to change so the day after tomorrow is the day we finally slip our lines.

We’ll cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) for three days – stopping each evening to anchor for the night – until we reach New Smyrna Beach, FL where we are thrilled to be hosted by Bob Breum as his guest at the New Smyrna Beach Yacht Club.  Bob designed, and specked the parts list to install an AIS system (Automatic Identification System) in order to not only see ships at sea which we we already can on the radar but to know their names, and their course and speed in order to avoid a potential collision, especially at night.  (We haven’t cruised yet at night but we will as soon as both Meryl and I are comfortable with the idea).  Bob also offered to help me install it which he says will take us at least two full days – this will not be easy and I could never do this myself.  We are looking forward to wining and dining Bob while we are there and he tells me New Smyra is quite a foodie scene so we’re excited about the visit on many levels.

From there our next major stopover will be in Seaford, DE, located in the southern part of the Chesapeake to pick up our new dinghy from Blue Water Baby.  That stopover will take us about a week.  We hope to arrive by the second week of August and leave by the 15th heading for New York.  I think it will take us 3 or 4 days to get to the New York.  We haven’t plotted our route yet but the plan is to cruise the Long Island Sound and will of course update the blog with intended stops once we figure it out.  I would also like to attempt to get to the South Shore of Long Island as well and spend some time in Long Beach, NY where I grew up and where I still have friends.  We’ll see how it goes and what we can squeeze in.

We also hope to find the time to make a cruise up the Hudson and visit my sister Alexandra and Meryl’s sister Shari.  From here to New York is approximately 1,000 miles.  Realistically we only cruise 50 miles per day and can’t cruise every day – we need some marina stops to dump trash, have a restaurant meal or two, see the sites, etc. and then there’s the weather to consider, not to mention any unexpected repairs we may have to attend to along the way – so it will take quite awhile.  In order to get back to Jupiter by November 15th to make sure we’re in attendance for Becca’s baby shower, we probably want to leave New York no later than September 15th so as not to kill ourselves cruising back and even that will be challenging.

So wish us luck and bon voyage as we head out for our next adventure.  Talk soon.

Best regards,

Kokomo Jim


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  1. Sounds exciting. However, you are going to be on the Intra Coastal and I saw no mention of stopping in ILM. Did I miss that part? I used to go to Long Beach every summer from CT. Loved it. Safe travels and if I don’t see you sooner, I will see you in November at the baby shower. Pam & Pam2 will be in attendance. Hugs & kisses!!

    1. Hi Pam: We will definitely make Wilmington a key stop along the way but not until the way back during Sept/Oct….See you then!! Jim

  2. Hi Jim!
    How Far East on the Soubd do you plan to go? Let me know if you’re heading out to Stony Brook or Port Jefferson, etc… just a stone’s throw away for us! Happy sailing!


    1. Ok….saw my typo!! Sorry! I meant “Sound.”

      1. Hi Steph: I sure expect we’ll make at least Port Jeff. Hopefully do the entire thing to Block Island but that’s a long way off….Hope to see you soon. Jim

  3. Very cool! Have a great trip to NY!! Say hello to the city for me!

  4. Safe travels. You will enjoy the East Coast in the ICW. Spend some time on the Chesapeake, lots if places to see. Especially Tangier island at Hilgas restaurant for their crab cakes.
    Look forward to your updates.
    Capt Don

    1. Hi Don: Thanks for the tip to Hilgas. We are definitely going to Chesapeake because we bought a new dinghy and picking it up in the Seaford, DE. Hope to stop again on the rebound from NY. If you’re around would love to catch up too!! Hope all is well. Jim

  5. Hey Jim, love the new blog and reading the comments. I wish I could be there with you in New Smyrna to help install the AIS…..sounds like a fun project. You’re going to love using it at night especially on the late night watches. It’s really cool to watch the screen and see who else is traversing the open ocean overnight. Definitely a good way to pass the time. Agar travels and Hi to Meryl. See you in September/Oct!

    1. Hi Greg: Thanks for the comments. Didn’t know you had a boat these days, let alone with AIS! I’ll let you know how the install goes and how we like the ops. We haven’t done a night crossing yet. Hopefully the installation will give Meryl and me more comfort to attempt it. Loving forward to seeing you and catching up in the fall when we get to spend some time in ILM! Best, Jim

  6. Best Wishes for the trip and the blog, Jim. We will keep an eye out for you at Block. We plan to be there in late July after our return from a jaunt to points North of the Cape Cod Canal.

  7. Hi Jim, I hope this reaches you. Peace Barry

  8. My darling children have a wonderful safe trip. I love reading your blogs and hearing about your adventures!!!! Miss seeing you and will talk to you soon Lots of Love MOM

  9. Jim, Sounds like a great trip. Not only are you now an experienced Captain but it sounds like you are a pretty good Chief Engineer. Enjoy the Cruise and hopefully when you are headed back south you will have time to visit with us in Savannah. We promise to deliver up some good southern food and hospitality.
    All the best,

    1. I’m learning Sean, under fire! You can count on us taking you up on your invitation on the return sometime late October!! Until then my friend. Jim

  10. I am surprised that you and Meryl have become seafarin sailors (not sure that makes sense) but certainly makes life exciting! I thjnk you noth are really brave! So, cuz, have great trip and be safe. Love Donna

  11. Howdy Mates Jim and Meryl – your adventures are so exciting so happy you are livin your dream. Thank you for sharing your journey with us landlubbers. ARGGGGGGHHHH

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